Ancillary parking facilities shall not have vehicular access to or from any alley that also provides access to residential uses.
In addition, all ancillary parking facilities located in the R-4-P zone shall be governed by the following restrictions:
   A.   Between Peck Drive And Camden Drive: Parking facilities located between Peck Drive and Camden Drive shall not exceed a height of ten feet (10'). For the purposes of this section, height shall be measured pursuant to the definition of "height of building" in section 10-3-100 of this chapter, except that the exemptions from the height measurement contained in subsections A7 through A9 of said definition shall not apply. Furthermore, notwithstanding the height requirements of this section and of the definition of "height of building" in section 10-3-100 of this chapter, the planning commission may require the construction of a wall surrounding the roof level of parking for the purpose of mitigating light and noise impacts from the parking facilities.
   B.   Street Setback: A minimum setback of fifteen feet (15') shall be provided along all public streets unless a lesser setback is approved by the planning commission as part of a planned development pursuant to article 18.4 of this chapter.
The wall height requirements of section 10-3-2733 and subsection 10-3-3719H of this chapter shall not apply to parking provided on the roof of a parking facility. (Ord. 91-O-2127, eff. 11-8-1991)