A.   Land Donations: If an applicant for a tentative subdivision map, parcel map, or other residential development approval donates land to the city as provided in California Government Code section 65915, or its successor statute, the planning commission shall grant a density bonus permit that authorizes a density bonus as required by section 65915, or its successor statute.
   B.   Childcare Facilities: If the applicant for a project that qualifies for a density bonus pursuant to section 10-3-1526 of this article proposed to include a childcare facility on the premises of, as part of, or adjacent to, the project, the planning commission shall grant the applicant one of the following:
      1.   An additional density bonus in an amount equal to or greater to the square footage in the childcare facility; or
      2.   An additional construction incentive set forth in section 10-3-1526.5 of this article that contributes significantly to the economic feasibility of the construction of the childcare facility.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the planning commission shall not grant an additional density bonus or construction incentive for a childcare facility if, the commission finds, based on substantial evidence, that the community is already served by adequate childcare facilities. (Ord. 05-O-2482, eff. 9-16-2005)