Rental increases for a unit shall not exceed one per year, except that any time a voluntary vacancy occurs, the rent may be increased to the new occupant. For the purposes of this section, "rent" shall include, but not be limited to, housing services, or other services, received by the occupant and shall also include those congregate services described in section 10-3-1281 of this article and such conditions as may be imposed by the conditional use permit. A minimum of sixty (60) days' prior written notice of any increase shall be provided to each occupant.
For the purposes of this section, "housing services" shall mean all services connected with the use or occupancy of an apartment unit, including, but not limited to, repairs, replacement, maintenance, painting, light, heat, water, elevator service, laundry facilities and privileges, janitor service, refuse removal, furnishings, telephone, off street parking, and any other benefits, privileges, or facilities. (Ord. 87-O-1995, eff. 8-6-1987)