In addition to the requirements of article 38 of this chapter, single room occupancy housing shall be subject to the following standards:
   A.   Unit Size And Occupancy: The minimum size of a unit shall be one hundred fifty (150) square feet and the maximum size shall be three hundred seventy five (375) square feet which may include bathroom and/or kitchen facilities.
   B.   Common Area: A minimum of ten (10) square feet for each unit shall be provided for a common area. All common areas shall be within the structure. Dining rooms, meeting rooms, recreational rooms, or other similar areas approved by the city shall be considered common areas. Shared bathrooms and kitchens shall not be considered as common areas.
   C.   Management: A single room occupancy management plan shall be submitted to, reviewed, approved, and enforced by the director of community development. The management plan shall be approved before issuance of a certificate of occupancy. The management plan shall be comprehensive and contain management policies and operations, rental procedures and rates, maintenance plans, residency and guest rules and procedures, security procedures, and staffing needs, including job descriptions. A twenty four (24) hour resident manager shall be provided for any single room occupancy use with twelve (12) or more units.
   D.   Parking: A minimum of 0.5 on site parking spaces shall be provided per unit, plus one guest space for every five (5) units.
   E.   Kitchen Facilities: Each unit shall be provided a kitchen sink with a garbage disposal, serviced with hot and cold water, and a countertop measuring a minimum of eighteen inches (18") wide by twenty four inches (24") deep. If each individual unit is not provided with a minimum of a refrigerator and a microwave oven, a complete kitchen facility available for residents shall be provided on each floor of the structure.
   F.   Bathroom Facilities: For each unit a private toilet in an enclosed compartment with a door shall be provided. This compartment shall be a minimum of fifteen (15) square feet. If private bathing facilities are not provided for each unit, shared shower or bathtub facilities shall be provided at a ratio of one for every seven (7) units or fraction thereof. The shared shower or bathtub facility shall be on the same floor as the units it is intended to serve and shall be accessible from a common area or hallway. Each shared shower or bathtub facility shall be provided with an interior lockable door. (Ord. 12-O-2633, eff. 11-23-2012)