10-3-1260: PARKING:
At the time of the construction, alteration, or improvement of any building to be used for suitable family residences for elderly and handicapped persons, there shall be one parking space provided for each dwelling unit; provided, however, the number of parking spaces required by this section may be reduced by the planning commission to a number not less than four-tenths (4/10) of a parking space for each dwelling unit if the planning commission finds that the parking required by this section is demonstrated to be in excess of the amount of parking which will be required to adequately serve the project.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, any property which receives a reduction in the number of required parking spaces per dwelling unit pursuant to this section, and all residents of the dwelling units located thereon, shall be ineligible to participate in a preferential parking zone established pursuant to title 7, chapter 3, article 2 of this code. (Ord. 79-O-1751, eff. 12-6-1979; amd. Ord. 03-O-2432, eff. 11-21-2003)