Dry cleaning plants and pressing plants of all kinds shall be permitted in the RMCP zone under the following conditions:
   A.   Noise And Odor: No noise, odor, or other evidence of dry cleaning or pressing shall be detectable by a person outside such building or outside the portion of the building used for cleaning or pressing.
   B.   Cleaning Fluid And Capacity: No explosive or inflammable cleaning fluid shall be used in dry cleaning plants except when used in self-contained cleaning machines or units and unless the same has a flashpoint of not less than 138.5 degrees Fahrenheit (138.5°F). Any such installation shall be in conformity with the state fire marshal and the provisions of the Health And Safety Code of the state.
   C.   Perchloroethylene Prohibited: The use of perchloroethylene or "perc" shall be strictly prohibited.
   D.   One Dry Cleaning Unit Only: No more than one complete unit of dry cleaning equipment or machinery shall be installed in one premises.
   E.   Retail Dry Cleaning And Pressing Only: The business of dry cleaning, pressing, or ironing conducted in the RMCP zone shall be strictly retail, and no wholesale dry cleaning, ironing, or pressing shall be permitted. Garments shall be cleaned only when brought to such place of business by the owner of the garments or by the members of his family or his employees, or when collected by the proprietor of the dry cleaning, ironing, or pressing plant directly from the residences of the owners of such garments. Under no circumstances shall work be done for independent operators engaged in the business of pressing, ironing, spotting, or dry cleaning garments, or collecting garments for any of such purposes.
   F.   Location Of Equipment: Equipment for dry cleaning, ironing, or pressing shall not be installed in the front portion of the ground floor of any building along or adjoining any public street, and any such equipment if adjacent to or visible from the public street or sidewalk, shall be shielded from pedestrians on the public street or sidewalk by a masonry or similar substantial wall at least six feet (6') in height.
   G.   Use Of Front Portion Of Building: The front portion of the ground floor of any premises used for dry cleaning, ironing, or pressing of garments shall be designed and used for the receiving from the customer and returning to the customer of the garments to be processed and shall not be used for any portion of the work on the garments.
   H.   Approval Of The Chief Of The Fire Department: Before installing any cleaning, ironing, or pressing equipment in any premises in the RMCP zone, it shall be necessary to obtain the approval of the chief of the fire department and the chief building inspector for such equipment and the use of such equipment in such premises. In no case shall equipment or the use thereof be approved which is or may create a fire hazard or become a menace to life or property, or become a nuisance. (Ord. 05-O-2463, eff. 3-18-2005)