10-3-304: ZONING MAP:
The zones, and the district that each encompasses, are shown on the "official zoning map of the city of Beverly Hills, January, 1962", a copy of which is on file in the office of the city clerk and is incorporated in this chapter by reference, and said map shall govern as to the outline of all zones shown thereon. Said map may be amended by ordinance from time to time.
Said map is intended to incorporate changes which have been made and provisions will have been modified since the adoption of the official zoning map dated August, 1954. Said map, as hereby adopted, is not intended to change any zone or change the zoning of any property but is intended to indicate the boundaries of the various zones and their locations in the city as heretofore established or hereafter established by ordinance and, in conjunction with the text of this chapter, to indicate the uses and regulations applicable to the various parcels of property in the city.
Zones designated with an "X" indicate that the zoning of the particular area so designated has been submitted to and confirmed by a vote of the electors of the city. (1962 Code § 10-102; amd. Ord. 12-O-2633, eff. 11-23-2012)