A.   Reasons For Denial, Suspension Or Revocation: A license may be denied, suspended, or revoked by the issuing authority for any of the following reasons:
      1.   Failure to qualify for the license.
      2.   Failure to continuously comply with all the conditions required as a precedent for approval of the license.
      3.   Fraud, misrepresentation or incorrect statement contained in the application.
      4.   Expiration or cancellation of any bond or insurance required.
      5.   Refusal to comply with requests by the code enforcement officer to inspect the licensed premises.
      6.   Conducting actions beyond that authorized by the granting of the license.
      7.   Violation of any regulation or provision of this code applicable to the activity for which the license has been granted.
      8.   Conducting the licensed activity in a manner which constitutes a danger or harm to the health, safety or welfare of the public, or constitutes a breach of the peace.
   B.   Right Of Appeal: Any person aggrieved by the action of the issuing authority in denying, suspending, or revoking a license shall have the following rights of appeal:
      1.   Within five (5) days, the person aggrieved may file a written appeal to the city administrator. The city administrator shall, within five (5) days, schedule a hearing, take whatever evidence or information is presented, and shall, within two (2) days thereafter, decide to affirm or reverse the decision of the issuing authority. If the decision is to reverse, the administrator shall have full power to increase, modify, or revoke the sanction.
      2.   If the person is still aggrieved, further appeal shall be requested in writing within five (5) days. Such appeal shall be heard by the city council at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Upon hearing such evidence or information as shall be produced, the council shall decide whether to affirm, modify, or reverse the decision of the administrator. No further appeal shall be granted. (2008 Code § 16-15)