9-1-10: APPEALS:
Any person who believes the provisions of this chapter have been applied to such person in error may appeal in the following manner:
   A.   An appeal shall be filed in writing with the City Public Works Director. In the case of service charge appeals, the appeal shall include a survey prepared by a registered land surveyor or professional engineer containing information on the total property area, the impervious surface area, and any other features or conditions which influence the hydrologic response of the property to rainfall events.
   B.   Using the information provided by the appellant, the Director shall conduct a technical review of the conditions on the property and respond to the appeal in writing within thirty (30) days.
   C.   In response to an appeal, the Director may adjust the stormwater service charge applicable to a property in conformance with the general purpose and intent of this chapter.
   D.   A decision of the Director which is adverse to an appellant may be further appealed to the City Council within thirty (30) days of receipt of notice of the adverse decision. Notice of the appeal shall be served on the City Clerk by the appellant, stating the grounds for appeal. The City Council shall issue a written decision on the appeal within thirty (30) days. All decisions of the City Council shall be mailed to appellant at the address the appellant lists on the notice of appeal.
   E.   There shall be no further administrative appeal beyond the City Council. (2008 Code § 31-158)