A.   Billing; Payment Obligation; Delinquency:
      1.   A stormwater service charge bill may be sent through the United States mail or by alternative means, notifying the customer of the amount of the bill, the date the payment is due, and the date when past due. Failure to receive a bill is not justification for nonpayment.
      2.   Regardless of the party to whom the bill is initially directed, the owner of each parcel of developed land, as shown from public land records of Scott County, shall be ultimately obligated to pay such fee.
      3.   If a customer is underbilled or if no bill is sent for developed land, the City may back bill for a period of up to three (3) years, but shall not assess penalties for any delinquency. Similarly, if it is discovered that a customer has been overbilled, the City may credit the account for a period of up to three (3) years, but no penalty or interest shall accrue.
      4.   A ten percent (10%) penalty and interest charge shall be billed based on the delinquent balance on all monthly or quarterly billings.
   B.   Failure To Pay Bill; Lien: In the event the bill is not paid, the unpaid amount shall be assessed against the property and become a lien thereon, payable in the manner of property taxes as provided by State law. The Clerk shall clarify for taxation purposes, in establishing property liens to the County Auditor, all delinquent stormwater payments. For the purpose of certification, the stormwater payment shall be designated as delinquent when the same is shown and appears on the books carrying stormwater service payments that have been unpaid for a period of thirty (30) days following its due date.
   C.   Billing On Common Statement With Other Utility Services: The stormwater utility service charge may be billed on a common statement and collected along with other City utility services, usually on a quarterly basis.
   D.   Suspension Of Service For Nonpayment: The City Council may order suspension of service to those premises for which the stormwater service charge is delinquent. (Ord. 20-13, 8-20-2013)