A.   Accrual Of Charges; Billing: Stormwater service charges shall accrue beginning July 1, 2003, and shall be billed periodically thereafter to customers, except as specific exemptions and credits may apply.
   B.   ERU Standards: The following ERU standards shall apply, effective April 1, 2023:
      1.   Charges: Stormwater service charges are per equivalent residential unit (ERU) or increment thereof. The charge per ERU shall be five dollars and sixty cents ($5.60) per month plus a four dollar ($4.00) quarterly handling charge per billing.
      2.   Residential Detached Dwelling Units: Residential properties with detached dwelling units shall be charged a stormwater fee based upon the amount of impervious area found on the property. The calculations of impervious area are based upon a formula that uses the total amount of square footage of land, as shown on the official records at the Scott County assessor's office, multiplied by a factor of thirty percent (30%). This value is then divided by two thousand five hundred (2,500) to determine the amount of equivalent residential units (ERUs) for that property. No property shall be charged less than one ERU per month. No property shall be charged more than five (5) ERUs per month.
      3.   Other Developed Lands: All developed lands not classified as detached dwelling units shall be billed for one equivalent residential unit (ERU) for each two thousand five hundred (2,500) square feet of impervious surface or increment thereof. (Ord. 05-16, 3-15-2016; amd. Ord. 04-22, 3-15-2022; Ord. 09-23, 3-21-2023)