A.   Property Owner Responsibility: All property owners and developers of developed real property within the city shall provide, manage, maintain, and operate on site stormwater systems sufficient to collect, convey, detain, and discharge stormwater in a safe manner consistent with all City, State, and Federal laws and regulations.
   B.   Failure To Meet Obligation May Constitute Nuisance: Pursuant to Iowa Code section 364.12(3) or successor section, any failure to meet this obligation may constitute a nuisance and may be subject to an abatement action filed by the City. In the event a nuisance is found to exist, which the owner fails to properly abate within such reasonable time as allowed by the City, the City may enter upon the property and cause such work as is reasonably necessary to be performed, with the actual cost thereof assessed against the owner in the same manner as a tax levied against the property. The City shall have the right, pursuant to the authority of this chapter, for its designated officers and employees to enter upon private and public property owned by entities other than the City, upon reasonable notice to the owner thereof, to inspect the property and conduct surveys and engineering tests thereon in order to assure compliance. (2008 Code § 31-154)