A.   The purpose of this chapter is to establish a policy and procedure for managing and controlling the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff, wherever it may be found, within the City limits. The management shall include the establishment of a stormwater utility to provide revenues for whatever aspects of this requirement are deemed appropriate by the City Council.
   B.   The stormwater needs in the City include, but are not limited to, protecting the public safety, health, and welfare of its citizens. Stormwater management programs and facilities result in both service and benefit to all properties, property owners, citizens, and residents of Bettendorf in a variety of ways. The service and benefit rendered or resulting from provision of stormwater management systems and facilities may differ depending on many factors and considerations, including, but not limited to, location, demands, and impacts imposed on the stormwater systems and programs and risk exposure.
   C.   The City presently owns and operates numerous stormwater management systems and facilities which have been developed over many years. The future usefulness of the existing stormwater systems owned and operated by the City, and of additions and improvements thereto, rests on the ability of the City to effectively manage, protect, control, regulate, use, and enhance stormwater systems and facilities in Bettendorf in concert with the management of other water resources in the City. In order to do so, the City must have adequate and stable funding for its stormwater management program operating and capital investment needs.
   D.   The City Council finds, concludes, and determines that a utility provides the most practical and appropriate means of properly delivering and funding stormwater management services in Bettendorf.
   E.   An equitable approach to funding stormwater management services and facilities can be provided by adopting a schedule of service charges upon properties that is related to the burden of stormwater quality and quantity requirements and costs posed by properties throughout the City. Such schedule of service charges can be complemented by other funding methods which address specific needs. Impervious area is the most important factor influencing stormwater service requirements and costs posed by properties throughout the City, and therefore is an appropriate parameter for calculating stormwater service charges.
   F.   The City may be required under Federal and State mandates to provide increased quantity or quality controls to mitigate the impacts of pollutants that may be discharged from the stormwater collection system. Therefore, it is appropriate to impose a stormwater user charge upon all users of property that may discharge, directly or indirectly, into the storm sewer system, whether private or public in nature. (2008 Code § 31-150)