A.   Animals Kept On Agricultural Zoned Property; Exception:
      1.   It shall be unlawful to maintain, keep or harbor any cattle, horses, jacks, goats, guinea fowl, ostriches, poultry (domestic chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks), or similar domestic animals raised for home use or for profit within the city limits unless the property upon which such animals are maintained, kept or harbored is zoned as agricultural property.
      2.   This section shall not apply to a bona fide zoological garden, pet shop, educational institute, circus, carnival, or veterinary hospital treating such animals.
   B.   Riding Animals On Streets, Public Rights Of Way: It shall be unlawful for any person to ride any animal upon the public or private sidewalks within the city, nor shall any person ride any animal upon a public street or right of way during the hours of sunset to sunrise, except for public parades for which a permit has been issued by the city.
   C.   Continuation Of Unlawful Keeping Of Livestock:
      1.   The lawful keeping of livestock, which is otherwise unlawful by reason of the enactment of this chapter, may be continued until such time as the person no longer keeps livestock upon property within the city upon which he or she maintained livestock prior to the effective date hereof, or when such person transfers, sells or otherwise conveys the property upon which such livestock were maintained prior to the effective date hereof.
      2.   The burden of proving the maintenance of livestock upon a parcel of land within the city prior to the effective date hereof shall lie with the person claiming such prior existence.
      3.   Nothing herein shall be deemed to exempt an owner of livestock within the city limits from the enforcement of nuisance or other laws regarding the keeping of such livestock. (2008 Code § 5-6)