A.   Dog License Required; Vaccination; Fee:
      1.   Every dog which is over six (6) months of age shall be licensed by its owner. Failure to license a dog shall subject the owner to the penalty provisions of this chapter. Licenses shall be purchased from city hall or the humane society of Scott County prior to January 31 of each calendar year and shall expire on December 31 of the same year.
      2.   When an owner applies for a license, he or she shall present a certificate of current rabies vaccination signed and administered by a licensed veterinarian which states the date of the vaccination, type of vaccination and date of revaccination.
      3.   In addition, the owner shall pay the license fee of three dollars ($3.00) for neutered dogs and twenty five dollars ($25.00) for unneutered dogs. If a veterinarian certifies that a dog is too old to be neutered, the license fee shall remain three dollars ($3.00).
   B.   Time For Licensing; Prorating Fee:
      1.   In those cases where a dog is not subject to the licensing requirements because of the dog's age, the owner shall be required to purchase a license within thirty (30) days after the dog becomes subject to the terms of this chapter.
      2.   The owner of a dog, which becomes six (6) months old after July 1 of any calendar year, shall pay one-half (1/2) of the required fee. (1980 Code § 5-2)
   C.   Exceptions To License Requirement: Notwithstanding the licensing requirements of this chapter, the owner of a dog subject to licensing shall not be required to obtain a city license if any of the following are true: 1) if the owner of the dog is a nonresident of the city temporarily residing within the city (temporary residence shall be residence for 30, or less, continuous days); or 2) if the dog is brought into the city for the purpose of participation in a dog show and is removed from the city immediately after the conclusion of the show; or 3) service dogs used for the assistance of physically disabled persons. (1980 Code § 5-2; amd. 2015 Code)
   D.   Duplicate License Fee: Upon proof of loss, a duplicate license tag shall be obtained upon payment of a two dollar ($2.00) replacement fee.
   E.   Transfer Of Ownership; Fee:
      1.   When permanent ownership of a dog is transferred, the new owner shall, within fourteen (14) days from the date ownership is assumed, make application for a license.
      2.   The owner shall pay a fee of one dollar ($1.00) for the transfer of the previous license records. (2008 Code § 5-2)
   F.   Display Of License; Tag And Collar:
      1.   The license tag obtained pursuant to this section shall be securely attached to a substantial collar, which collar shall be worn by the dog at all times.
      2.   License tags are not transferable to any other dog.
      3.   Upon demand, the owner of a dog shall display the city license to an animal control officer or city police officer. (2008 Code § 5-3)