A.   Vehicle Requirements: Except for motorcycles or motorized bicycles, 1966 model year or newer motor vehicles shall be equipped with safety belts and safety harnesses which conform with federal motor vehicle safety standard numbers 209 and 210 as published in 49 CFR section 571.209 - 571.210 and with prior federal motor vehicle safety standards for seat belt assemblies and seat belt assembly anchorages applicable for the motor vehicle's model year. (2008 Code § 17-445)
   B.   Use Required; Exceptions:
      1.   The driver and front seat occupants of a type of motor vehicle, except a motorcycle or a motorized bicycle, shall each wear a properly adjusted and fastened safety belt or safety harness any time the vehicle is in forward motion on a street or highway, except that a child under eighteen (18) years of age shall be secured as required under section 6-1-446 of this chapter. (2008 Code § 17-445; amd. 2015 Code)
      2.   This subsection B does not apply to:
         a.   The driver or front seat occupants of a motor vehicle which is not required to be equipped with safety belts or safety harnesses under rules adopted by the department.
         b.   The driver and front seat occupants of a motor vehicle who are actively engaged in work which requires them to alight from and reenter the vehicle at frequent intervals, provided the vehicle does not exceed twenty five (25) miles per hour between stops.
         c.   The driver of a motor vehicle while performing duties as a rural letter carrier for the United States postal service. This exemption applies only between the first delivery point after leaving the post office and the last delivery point before returning to the post office.
         d.   Passengers on a bus.
         e.   A person possessing a written certification from a physician on a form provided by the state department of transportation that the person is unable to wear a safety belt or safety harness due to physical or medical reasons.
         f.   Front seat occupants of an authorized emergency vehicle while they are being transported in an emergency. However, this exemption does not apply to the driver of the authorized emergency vehicle.
   C.   Charges For Noncompliance: The driver and front seat passengers may be each charged separately for improperly used or nonused equipment under subsection B of this section. The owner of the motor vehicle may be charged for equipment violations under subsection A of this section. (2008 Code § 17-445)