A.   A person shall not drive a motor vehicle equipped with a windshield, sidewings, or side or rear windows which do not permit clear vision.
   B.   A person shall not operate on the highway a motor vehicle equipped with a front windshield, a side window to the immediate right or left of the driver, or a sidewing forward of and to the left or right of the driver which is excessively dark or reflective so that it is difficult for a person outside the motor vehicle to see into the motor vehicle through the windshield, window, or sidewing. The state department of transportation shall adopt rules establishing a minimum measurable standard of transparency which shall apply to violations of this subsection.
   C.   Every motor vehicle except a motorcycle, or a vehicle included in the provisions of Iowa Code section 321.383 or 321.115 shall be equipped with a windshield in accordance with Iowa Code section 321.444. (2008 Code § 17-438)