A.   Vehicles In Procession: For purposes of this section, "funeral procession" means a procession of motor vehicles accompanying the body of a deceased person during daylight hours which is being escorted by a vehicle continually displaying its emergency signal lamps flashing simultaneously and using lighted headlamps and identifying flags, and keeping all other motor vehicles with lighted headlamps in close formation.
   B.   Approach Of Procession: Upon the immediate approach of a funeral procession, the driver of every other vehicle, except an authorized emergency vehicle, shall yield the right of way.
   C.   Drivers In Procession Exempt From Traffic Rules: An operator of a motor vehicle which is part of a funeral procession shall not be charged with violating traffic rules and regulations relating to traffic signals and devices while participating in the procession unless the operation is reckless. (2008 Code § 17-324A)