A.   Persons With Disabilities Zones On City Streets: The council shall by resolution establish zones designated "Persons With Disabilities Parking Only", which shall be limited to the use of vehicles transporting persons having physical disabilities, or vehicles used by personnel providing support services to any person having a disability. The beginning of each persons with disabilities parking zone shall be designated by posting of a sign to provide notice of the zone, and the zone shall exist for a distance of fourteen feet (14') from such sign so as to enable one vehicle to park within the zone, with the front bumper of such vehicle to be parked immediately adjacent to the persons with disabilities parking zone. When the zone is to be larger than fourteen feet (14'), a second sign shall be posted marking the end of the zone.
   B.   Persons With Disabilities Zones Off City Streets: The chief of police may, with the consent of the owners thereof, establish persons with disabilities parking areas, in addition to those required under state law, for persons with disabilities for off street public parking facilities provided by the state or a political subdivision of the state or off street, privately owned, public parking facilities.
   C.   Penalty For Violation: Any vehicle occupying a "Persons With Disabilities Parking Only Zone" not in compliance with subsection A of this section shall subject the owner of the vehicle to the penalty provisions of this code. (2008 Code § 17-138; amd. 2015 Code)