Whenever a peace officer of the City has reasonable cause to believe that a person has violated any provision of this chapter punishable as an offense, the officer may either:
   A.   Immediately arrest the person and take him before a Magistrate; or
   B.   Without arresting the person, prepare in duplicate a written summons to appear in court containing the name and address of the person, the operator's or commercial driver's license number if any, the registration number if any of his vehicle, the offense charged, and the time and place where such person shall appear in court.
   C.   If the officer prepares a summons pursuant to this section, the alleged offender shall be requested to sign it in duplicate, and if he does sign, he may be released without arrest. In case a summons is issued, the signing of it constitutes a written promise to appear as stated in the summons. The duplicate summons shall be presented to the person summoned. (2008 Code § 17-2)