The building inspector shall not issue building, repair, temporary occupancy or permanent occupancy permits for any structure located on a lot in any subdivision within the city, the plat of which has not been approved in accordance with the provisions of this title, except:
   A.   Agricultural building improvements to agricultural property zoned A-1 agricultural district.
   B.   Residential lots zoned R-1 or R-2 single-family residence district, where said lots were created prior to July 18, 1957, and the original boundaries of said lots have not been changed, except by condemnation.
   C.   Upon the findings and determination by the city council that none of the public benefits or need intended by this title or by Iowa Code chapter 354 would be gained by requiring compliance with the terms of this title.
   D.   The council may authorize the issuance of a building permit for a tract prior to the council's final approval of the plat thereof where the applicant provides a restrictive covenant that the applicant will obtain final council approval of the plat prior to any temporary or final occupancy or use of the building authorized by the permit. Said covenant shall be in a form suitable for recording and be approved by the city attorney. (2008 Code § 28-5)