A.   Consultation Required: In order to make the most of the opportunities related to the subdivision and to conserve time, effort and expense, the owner or subdivider should consult with the commission, the city engineer and other public officials prior to the preparation of the tentative plan of the subdivision. The comprehensive plan should be reviewed to determine how the proposed plan will fit into the comprehensive plan.
   B.   Advance Determination Of Requirements: Requirements of the thoroughfare plan; school and recreational sites; shopping centers, community facilities; sanitation; water supply, drainage and erosion; and, relationship to other developments, existing and proposed in the vicinity, should be determined in advance of the preparation of the subdivision plan. Consultation should also be held with those familiar with the economic factors affecting the subdivision. A thorough estimate of the situation will result in sound decisions with respect to the form, character and extent of the proposed subdivision.
   C.   Suitability Of Land: No land shall be subdivided for residential use unless adequate access to the land over improved streets or thoroughfares exists or will be considered by the commission to be unsuitable for each such use by reason of flooding or improper drainage, objectionable earth and rock formation, topography or any other feature harmful to the health and safety of possible residents and the community as a whole. (2008 Code § 28-3)