(A)   Definitions. For the purposes of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      DELINQUENT CHILD. Includes a minor, as herein defined, who shall have been or is violating any penal statute of this state, or who shall have been or is committing any one or more of the following acts, to-wit:
         (a)   Associating with thieves, vicious or immoral persons.
         (b)   Frequenting a house of ill repute.
         (c)   Frequenting any policy shop, or place where any gambling device is operated.
         (d)   Frequenting any saloon, dram shop, still, or any place where intoxicating liquors are manufactured, stored, or sold.
         (e)   Possessing, carrying, owning, or exposing any vile, obscene, indecent, immoral, or lascivious photograph, drawing, picture, book, paper, pamphlet, image, devise, instrument, figure or object.
         (f)   Willfully, lewdly, or lasciviously exposing his or her person or private parts thereof, in any place, public or private, in such manner as to be offensive to decency, or calculated to excite vicious or lewd thoughts, or for the purpose of engaging in the preparation or manufacture of obscene, indecent or lascivious photographs, pictures.
         (g)   Possessing, transporting, selling, or engaging in aiding or assisting in the sale, transportation, or manufacture of intoxicating liquor, or the frequent use of same.
         (h)   Being a runaway from his or her parent or legal guardian.
         (i)   Violating any penal provisions of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act.
      ENCOURAGE. In addition to the usual meaning of the word, includes a willful and intentional neglect to do that which will directly tend to prevent such act or acts of delinquency on part of such minor when the person accused shall have been able to do so.
      EVERY PERSON. Human beings, without regard to their legal or natural relationship to such minor, as well as legal or corporate entities.
      MINOR or CHILD. Male or female persons who shall not arrived at the age of 18 years at the time of the commission of the offense.
   (B)   Contributing to delinquency. Any person who knowingly and willfully:
      (1)   Causes, aids, abets, or encourages a minor to be, to remain, or to become delinquent in need of supervision or dependent and neglected; or
      (2)   Omits the performance of any duty, which act or omission causes or tends to cause, aid, abet, or encourage any minor to be delinquent; upon conviction, shall be guilty of an offense, and shall be punished by a maximum fine of $750 plus court costs.
(Ord. 1762, passed 4-18-06)