Public Nuisances
   91.01   Public nuisances prohibited
   91.02   Public nuisance defined
   91.03   Public health nuisances
   91.04   Public nuisances offending morals and decency
   91.05   Public nuisances affecting peace and safety
   91.06   Abatement of public nuisances
   91.07   Cost of abatement
   91.08   Graffiti
Grass, Weeds, Debris and
Other Such Rank Vegetation
   91.20   Removal of grass, weeds, debris and other such rank vegetation
   91.21   Collection of monies from property owners
Junk, Junk Cars and Abandoned Vehicles
   91.30   Definitions
   91.31   Junk, junk cars and abandoned vehicles declared nuisances
   91.32   Storage prohibited
   91.33   Enforcement for junk
   91.34   Enforcement for junk cars and abandoned vehicles
Outdoor Burning Regulations
   91.40   Application of outdoor burning regulations
   91.41   Exceptions
   91.42   Enforcement
   91.43   Fines
Miscellaneous Regulations
   91.50   Nondisposal of dangerous and toxic materials
   91.51   Smoking prohibited in city facilities
   91.52   Noise regulations
   91.53   Unsafe building regulations