All the work of numbering and putting up numbers provided for by this chapter shall be done under the direction of the City Engineer.  A competent civil engineer shall make maps of all streets required to be numbered.  The City Engineer shall draw an accurate scale showing all intersecting streets, and the location of the fronts of all houses and each front doorway in the same.  The whole length of the street shall be divided up into spaces or lots of twenty feet frontage.  A number shall be given for each space, and the number coinciding most nearly with the location of any doorway, shall be the number of the same.
   Consecutive numbers shall be placed directly opposite on lines at right angles to the street.  All numbers placed on houses under this chapter shall be indicated on the maps.  The maps shall be bound in a convenient volume and kept on file in the office of the City Engineer, and shall be the property of the City.
(1968 Code 107.04)