No sidewalk space on any public street or road shall be improved as herein provided, nor shall any such sidewalk or sidewalk space have minor repairs performed on them or be otherwise improved, unless a permit therefor shall first have been obtained from the Building Department.  Applications for permits shall state the nature of the work proposed, the kind of material to be used, the extent of same, and the sublot and house number or adequate measurements identifying the location where the work is to be done.
   Minor repairs are considered to be any repair, relaying, raising, or lowering of any existing walk whereby line and grade does not have to be set.  The property owner shall call for inspection of work performance on such minor repairs after first having obtained a permit from the Building Department.  Such minor repairs are to be inspected by the Building Department after completion, the property owner being required to notify the Building Department for such inspection.
(Ord. 1973-97.  Passed 10-1-73.)