(a)   This plan will be combined with the Post-Construction Water Quality, Riparian Setback and Wetland Setback Plans that have also been developed for the site.
   (b)   Plans developed by the site owners and approved by the Community in accordance with this regulation do not relieve the site owner of responsibility for obtaining and complying with all other necessary permits and/or approvals from federal, state, county, and local agencies and departments. If requirements vary, the most stringent requirement shall be followed. Plans submitted to the City Engineer for review and approval, shall be accompanied by all other required permits and documentation relevant to the project, including but not limited to the permits required and issued by the US Army Corps Of Engineers, Ohio EPA and ODNR Division of Water.
   (c)   If the City Engineer determines necessary, the application must include a letter or report from the local county SWCD that states that the Construction Site Conservation Plan, the Riparian and Wetland Setback Plan and the Post-construction Water Quality Plan have been reviewed for consistency with Ohio EPA and local regulations.
   (d)   Five (5) sets of the plans and necessary data required by this regulation shall be submitted to the City Engineer with text material being submitted on 8.5 by 11 inch paper and drawings on no larger than 24 by 36 inch sized paper. Submittals shall include:
      (1)   At the preliminary plan approval request, the preliminary plans only need to show all of the following existing and planned features: streams, water bodies, wetlands, riparian and wetland setback areas, permanent BMPs and storm water management detention and retention basins.
      (2)   At the improvement plan approval request, the entire Comprehensive Storm Water Management Plan must be submitted.
   (e)   The City Engineer shall review the plans, including the review report from the local county SWCD, and shall approve or return these with comments and recommendations for revisions within thirty (30) working days after receipt of the plan as described above. A plan rejected because of deficiencies shall receive a report stating specific problems. At the time of receipt of a revised plan, another thirty (30) day review period shall begin.
   (f)   Approved plans shall remain valid for two (2) years from the date of approval. After two (2) years the plan(s) approval automatically expires.
   (g)   No soil disturbing activity shall begin before all necessary local, county, state and federal permits have been granted to the owner or operator.
   (h)   The Community will do construction inspections until the site reaches final stabilization as determined by the City Engineer.
(Ord. 2011-4.  Passed 1-3-11.)