Every citizen of the United States who is of the age of 18 years or over, who possess the qualifications herein required, shall be entitled to vote at a special or regular municipal election.  No person shall be permitted to vote at any election unless he has been a resident of the State, County and voting precinct thirty (30) days next preceding the election at which he desires to vote, except as otherwise herein provided.  A qualified voter who has resided in the State and in the County the length of time required herein and who moves from one precinct to another within the City of Berea, shall have the right to vote in such precinct provided the precinct shall have corrected his registration as required by law.  No person residing in any registration precinct shall be entitled to vote at any election or shall sign any nominating, initiative, referendum or recall petition unless he is duly registered as an elector in the manner duly provided by law.  The term “qualified elector” as used throughout this Charter shall be construed to mean an elector who has complied with the foregoing requirements.  (Amended 11/8/16)