If in any odd numbered year no valid declaration of candidacy is filed for nomination as a candidate for an election to any office to be voted for at the regular municipal election to be held in such year, or if the number of persons filing such declaration of candidacy for nominations as candidates of election to such office does not exceed, as to any such office, the number of persons to be elected to such office, then no primary election shall be held for the purpose of nominating candidates for election to offices to be voted for at such regular municipal election, and no primary ballots shall be provided for such election. The election officials whose duty it would have been to provide for and conduct the holding of such primary election, shall declare the results thereof and issue certificates of nomination to the person entitled thereto as if such primary election had been held, and shall declare each of such persons to be nominated, issue appropriate certificates of nomination to each of them, and certify their names to the proper election officials in order that their names may be printed on the official ballots provided for use in the next succeeding regular municipal election in the same manner as through such primary election had been held and such person had been nominated at such election.  (Amended 11/8/16)