When a petition, subscribed to by the owners of seventy-five (75) percent or more of the land area to be benefited and assessed or the owners of seventy-five (75) percent or more of the foot frontage of property abutting upon a street, alley or highway of any description between designated points within the municipal corporation, is regularly presented to the Council, the entire cost of any improvement so petitioned for, including the cost of intersections and all other necessary expenses and without reference to the value of the lands of those who subscribed to such petition, may be assessed and collected, over a time period not exceeding that allowed by the General laws of the State of Ohio, proportioned to the whole assessment, in a manner which may be fixed by Council.
(Amended 11/6/90)
   The petition shall contain a general description of the improvement requested, including the termini, the method of assessment and a statement that the signers of said petition do consent and request that assessments be levied and collected without reference to the value of the property of the subscribers, and waive all benefits of statutory limitations on amounts of assessments, and further waive all notices of the proceedings in the levy of such assessment or of making the improvements.
   When the lot or land of one who did not subscribe the petition is assessed, such assessment shall not exceed statutory limitations on amount of assessments.
   Notice shall be served upon the owners of land or lots that did not subscribe the petition and in the manner provided hereinbefore for public improvements.
   In general the proceedings for an improvement that has been petitioned for shall be the same as the proceedings for any other public improvement by special assessments with the exception of the City's portion of the cost.