The Board of revision of Assessments shall consist of the Mayor, the Director of Law, the Director of Finance, the Director of Public Service and the President of Council.  The Mayor shall be the Chairman of the Board and the Director of Finance shall be the Secretary thereof; it shall hold its hearing on the claims and objections with respect to any improvement not earlier than ten (10) days after the service of notice and completion of publication thereof as hereinbefore provided; it shall meet at such place as provided by its rules, and shall hear all claims for damages and objections to the improvement.  A majority of those constituting the Board of Revision of Assessments shall have power to determine all objections submitted to it, and as to each improvement the Board may, after such hearing, amend, equalize and adjust the assessment report, and shall report its findings with respect to any damage claims that may have been filed and as to the necessity for the improvement and the character and termini thereof and any amendments it directs in the assessments, to the Council.