(a)   Membership.  The Mayor shall appoint six persons, two for a term of two years, two for a term of four years, and two for a term of six years who shall constitute the Civil Service Commission of the City of Berea.  Each alternate year thereafter the Mayor shall appoint two persons, as successors of the members whose terms expire, to serve six years.
   (b)   Officers.  The Commission shall designate one of its members as Chairman and a Secretary who need not be a member of the Commission.
   (c)   Duties.  The Commission shall provide by rule for ascertainment of merit and fitness as the basis for appointment and promotion in the classified service of the City, as required by the Constitution of the State of Ohio and for appeals from the action of the appointing authority in any case of transfer, reduction or removal, and the action of the Commission on any such appeal shall be final except as otherwise provided by law.  The Commission shall keep a record of its proceedings and examinations, which shall be open to the public inspection and shall, in all matters not in conflict with this Charter, conduct its affairs in accordance with the provisions of the general law.
   (d)   Classification of Service.  The civil service of the City is hereby divided into unclassified and classified service.  The unclassified service shall include:
      1.   All officers elected by the people;
      2.   Any member of a board or commission or any head, superintendent, any foreman of a department, sub-department or division thereof, other than the police and fire division;
      3.   One secretary to the Mayor and one secretary to each head, superintendent and foreman of any department, sub-department, or division, or his assistants;
      4.   Any deputy of an elected or appointed officer who holds a fiduciary relationship to his principal;
      5.   Any office or position requiring peculiar or exceptional qualifications;
      6.   Plumbing, heating, building, electrical, health and sanitary or sewer inspectors;
      7.   Provisional employees whose employment without extension by the Commission shall not exceed one hundred twenty (120) days;
      8.   Unskilled labor;
      9.   School guards and auxiliary safety department employees;
      10.   Any non-elective office or job in the service of the City which the Civil Service Commission determines not to be subject to classification and competitive examination.
   The classified service shall include:
      1.   Members, including officers, of the Police and Fire Divisions;
      2.   Except as herein provided the Civil Service Commission shall determine the practicability of classification and competitive examination for any non-elective office or job in the service of the City.
   Any person in the classified service, who is serving the City on the effective date of this amendment to the Charter, may be retained in the same or similar position without examination.
(Amended 11/8/77)