A contract for the expenditure of funds of the City not exceeding the amount set by the General Laws of Ohio may be authorized without public bidding.  The Council may also authorize a contract expending the funds of the City without public bidding for (a) the acquisition of real property; (b) the discharge of non-contractual claims against the City; (c) personal services; (d) the joint use of facilities or exercise of powers in conjunction with other political subdivisions; (e) the product or services of public utilities (including those operated both municipally and/or publicly); and (f) any item and/or service declared necessary as an emergency by three-quarters (3/4) vote of all members elected to Council.  Other than excepted in this Item, no expenditure of funds of the City shall be made unless the same is pursuant to a contract made with the lowest responsive and responsible bidder upon such contract, as defined by the General Laws of Ohio, after public advertising and receipt of bids as provided by Ordinance.
(Amended 11/6/90)