(a)   Each year a calendar for scheduled Village meetings and organizations shall be posted in the Mayor's office. The scheduling of all other events shall be with respect to the already established dates as aforesaid.
   (b)   Village residents and organizations shall have preference over nonresident individuals and organizations in the scheduling of events for the Village Hall.
   (c)   Reservations for nonresident individuals or organizations who are sponsored by a resident shall not be accepted more than sixty days prior to the date of the scheduled event, to insure the preference of Village groups and individuals. The Village reserves the right to cancel (with thirty days notice) for Village purposes.
   (d)   Groups or organizations other than families may contract for the use of the Village Hall for a single event or on a scheduled basis for regularly held meetings, such as weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.
(Ord. 1995-29. Passed 8-16-95.)