A.   The Village utilizes Purdue University Extension Tree Appraisal Formula when calculating the appraised value of a tree.
   B.   The formula used in this process is: Value = (Basic Tree Cost) x (Species Rating %) x (Condition Rating %) x (Location Rating %).
      1.   Basic tree cost is calculated by multiplying the cost per square inch of replacing a tree and the cross sectional area of the removed tree.
         a.   The cost to replace the tree is the sum of the purchase and installation costs of a new two inch (2") tree divided by the cross sectional area of a newly planted two inch (2") tree. At the time of publication of this chapter, the value is ($230 purchase + $100 installation)/3.1 sq. in. = $105/sq. in. The Village reserves the right to modify this number based on actual costs and/or industry standards at the time of determination.
         b.   The cross sectional area of the removed tree shall be measured at the diameter breast height (dbh) of the removed tree.
      2.   Species rating percent is the factor assigned to a given tree species, based on the Illinois Arborist Association (www.illinoisarborist.org). This subjective rating is based on individual qualities and traits, which may vary geographically within the State because of local climate and environmental influences.
      3.   Condition rating percent is the rating determined by establishing the overall health and structural integrity of the tree. An assessment of the condition includes roots, trunk, and canopy. The Village Arborist shall determine the condition rating on a scale of 1 to 4. For the purpose of the appraisal calculation the following shall be used: 1 = poor (use 0.25), 2 = fair (use 0.50), 3 = good (use 0.75), and 4 = excellent (use 1.0).
      4.   Location rating percent is a value determined by the tree's placement in the landscape and the overall area in which property is located. The Village has created a map depicting the different location ratings. Ratings are established as follows: cul-de- sacs/dead ends (use 0.50), parks (use 0.57), secondary roadways (use 0.63), primary roads (use 0.69), and Village Center (use 0.75).
(Ord. 32-2019, 5-28-2019)