(a)   Definition.  For purposes of this section, “parade” means any procession or moving assemblage upon any street or public thoroughfare other than routine vehicular traffic, a funeral processing or lawful picketing conducted off the street or roadway.
   (b)   Permit Required.  No person or organization shall engage in, participate in, aid, form or conduct any parade in the City without first obtaining a permit from the Safety-Service Director.
   (c)   Application for Permit.  Any person or organization seeking a parade permit shall file an application with the Director upon a form provided by the Director.
      (1)   Filing period.  The application for a parade permit shall be filed not more than sixty days and not less than seven days before the time intended for such parade.
      (2)   Contents.  The application shall at least include the following:
         A.   The name and address of the organization sponsoring the parade;
         B.   The name and address of the person in charge of the parade;
         C.   The date when the parade is to be conducted;
         D.   The name of the parade;
         E.   The time the parade will begin to form, and the time the parade will begin movement;
         F.   The place where the parade will form;
         G.   The route of the parade;
         H.   The approximate number of participants not including spectators who will participate in the parade;
         I.   The number of vehicles, floats or bands in the parade;
         J.   The place where the parade will disband;
         K.   Cancellation plans;
         L.   Anticipated police requirements;
         M.   Any other information required by the Safety-Service Director.
      (3)   Fee.  A fee of ten dollars ($10.00) to cover the expenses incident to processing the application for parade permit shall be paid to the City when filing an application for parade permit.
   (d)   Traffic Control.  In reviewing the application for parade permit, the Director shall determine the number of police officers reasonably necessary to provide appropriate traffic and crowd control in the area of the requested parade.  In making this determination, the Director shall consider such factors as the time, date, route length, number of participants and vehicles contained in the application for the parade permit, anticipated spectators drawn by the parade, and other factors reasonably relevant to the anticipated parade.  The Director shall inform the application for the parade permit of the number and cost of police officer and vehicles which he determines to be necessary to provide adequate traffic and crowd control for the requested parade.  The cost for each police officer shall be the current standards hourly special duty rate.  The cost for police vehicle shall be the standard hourly rental rate prescribed by the Director.  The applicant for a parade permit shall deposit the amount of money designated by the Director, as necessary for police traffic control and police vehicles with the Auditor of the City at least forty-eight hours prior to the date requested for the parade.
   (e)   Standards of Issuance of Permit.  The Director shall issue a parade permit as provided for hereunder when, from the consideration of the application and from other information as may otherwise be obtained, it appears that:
      (1)   The conduct of the parade will not substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of other pedestrian or vehicular traffic in or contiguous to the route or location of the parade.
      (2)   The concentration of persons, animals and/or vehicles at the parade will not interfere unduly with proper fire and police protection or ambulance service to areas contiguous to the assembly area or other areas of the City.
      (3)   The conduct of the parade will not result in noise at a level inappropriate to the area surrounding the parade.
      (4)   The applicant has deposited the funds necessary for police traffic and crowd control under subsection (d) hereof.
      (5)   The parade is not to be held for the primary purpose of advertising any product, goods, or event which is primarily for private profit and the parade itself is not primarily for profit, provided, however, the prohibition against advertising any product, good, or event shall not apply to signs identifying organizations or sponsors furnishing or sponsoring exhibits or structures used in the conduct of the parade.
      (6)   Such parade shall not interfere with previously scheduled activities or with scheduled maintenance or repair work to be carried out on the streets or thoroughfares to be used.
   (f)   Restrictions.  The permit may limit or prescribe reasonable conditions.  The permit may limit or prescribe reasonable conditions, including the hours, the places of assembly and dispersal, the route of march or travel and the streets, highways or portions thereof which may be used or occupied.
   (g)   Notice of Rejection of Application for a Permit.  The Director shall act upon the application for a permit within seventy-two hours after the filing thereof.  If for any reason a longer period of time is required, the reason for such a delay shall be provided in writing to the applicant.  If the Director disapproves the application, he shall make a reasonable effort to notify the applicant, either by personal delivery or certified mail, a copy of the notice or rejection and the reason therefor shall be available in the office of the Director within twenty-four hours of his actions.
   (h)   Penalty.  Whoever violates subsection (b) hereof is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
(Ord. 18(88-89).  Passed 7-11-88.)