Such uses shall be governed by the following provisions and any other conditions as may be required by the Board of Appeals to protect the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, and properties and the occupants thereof.
   (a)    Inflammable and Explosive Liquids.  No highly inflammable or explosive liquids, solids or gases shall be stored in bulk above ground. Tanks or drums of fuel directly connecting with heating devices or appliances located on the same premises as the tanks or drums of fuel are excluded from this provision.
   (b)    Fencing and Setbacks.  All outdoor storage facilities shall be enclosed by a fence or wall adequate to conceal such facilities and the contents thereof from adjacent property. Such walls and fences shall be distant not less than 25 feet from all property lines which abut an R-District or existing residential development, but in any other case shall be distant not less than 10 feet from any property line.
   (c)    Deposit of Wastes.  No materials or wastes shall be deposited on any premises in such form or manner that they may be transferred off such premises by natural causes or forces.
   (d)    Other Hazardous Materials.  All materials or wastes which might cause fumes or dust or which constitute a fire hazard or which may be edible by or otherwise be attractive to rodents or insects shall be stored outdoors only in closed containers.
(Ord. 58(72-73). Passed 11-21-73.)