1153.09  MOBILE HOMES.
   Mobile homes or house trailers, whether the wheels are attached or not, shall be permitted only in mobile home parks which meet the requirements of this section. Occupied travel trailers, as defined in Section 1125.02(55), shall meet all of the requirements specified for mobile homes.
   (a)    No mobile home park shall have an area of less than five acres.
   (b)    Each mobile home site or space within the park shall have an area of 5,000 square feet, provided further that the minimum width of each site shall be not less than fifty feet.
   (c)    No mobile home shall be located within ten feet of its respective site lines, provided further that there shall be no less than a twenty-five foot clearance between mobile homes or any building within the park.
   (d)    No mobile home shall be located closer to any property line of the park or any abutting public street than thirty feet or such other distance as may be established by the Zoning Ordinance with respect to conventional building in the district in which the mobile home park is located. 
   (e)    Not less than ten percent (10%) of the gross area of the park shall be improved for the recreational use of the residents of the park.
   (f)    All service and accessory buildings shall meet the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance and all other applicable codes and ordinances.
   (g)    The park shall meet all applicable requirements of the City's land subdivision regulations, except as herein provided.
      (Ord. 58(72-73). Passed 11-21-73.)