(a)    Off-Street Parking.  In all districts, except in the C-1 District, in connection with every industry, business, institutional, recreational, residential or any other use, there shall be provided, at the time any building or structure is erected or is enlarged or increased in capacity, off-street parking space open to the public at no charge for automobiles in accordance with the requirements set forth herein.
      (1)    Size and access.  Each off-street parking space shall have an area of not less than 200 square feet exclusive of access drives or aisles, and shall be of usable shape and condition. Except in the case of dwellings, no parking area provided hereunder shall be established for less than three spaces. There shall be adequate provisions for ingress and egress to all parking spaces. Access to off-street parking areas shall be limited to several well-defined locations, and in no case shall there be permitted unrestricted access along the length of the street or alley upon which the parking area abuts, except where a parking area is less than thirty-five feet in depth.
      (2)    Number of parking spaces required.  The number of off-street parking spaces required shall be as set forth in Table I herein, in accordance with the definition of "floor area" as set forth in Section 1125.02(28), provided further that in any "R" District, on any lot having an area of one acre or less, private garage space may be provided for not more than four motor vehicles. Space for one additional motor vehicle may be provided for each one-fifth acre by which the area of the lot exceeds one acre; and in any "R" District, not more than one of the garage spaces provided on any lot shall be used for the housing of a commercial vehicle. Such commercial vehicles shall not exceed one ton capacity.
   In any case of a building, structure or premises, the use of which is not specifically mentioned herein, the provisions for a use which is so mentioned and to which such use is similar, in the opinion of the Board of Zoning Appeals, shall apply. 
      (3)    Off-site facilities.  All permitted and required accessory off-street parking spaces, open or enclosed, shall be located on the same zone lot as the use to which such spaces are accessory, except that such spaces may be provided elsewhere but shall be provided within a radius of no greater distance than 250 feet from that zone lot, and provided further that required spaces are  provided off the site in accordance with the provisions set forth herein and that such space shall be in the same ownership as the use to which they are accessory, and shall be subject to deed restrictions filed in an office of record, binding the owner and his heirs and/or assigns to maintain the required  number of spaces available throughout the life of such use, and such spaces shall conform to all regulations of the district in which they are located.
Churches and schools
1 for each 3.5 seats in an auditorium or 1 for each 17 classroom seats, whichever is greater
Public buildings, lodges, fraternal organizations, social halls, and bowling alleys
1 for each 200 square feet of floor area
1 for each accommodation or unit
Funeral homes, mortuaries
10 for each parlor
Hospital, nursing and convalescing homes
1 for each 3 beds plus 1 for each employee
Hotels, rooming houses and dormitories
1 for each 2 bedrooms
Manufacturing plants, research or testing laboratories, bottling plants
1 for each 1,000 square feet of floor area, plus 1 for each 4 employees in the maximum working shift; the total parking area shall be not less than 25 percent of the building floor area
Medical or dental clinics, or offices
3 spaces for each doctor or dentist
Other business or professional offices
1 space for each 2 employees
Restaurants, taverns, and night clubs
1 for each 2.5 seats
Retail stores, store groups and shops
2 for each 300 square feet of floor area, except for supermarkets and department stores which shall provide not less than 1 space for each 100 square feet of retail floor area
Wholesale establishments or warehouses
1 for each 2 employees in maximum  working shift; the total parking area shall be not less than 25 percent of the building floor area
1.5 for each family or dwelling unit
   (b)    Off-Street Loading.  In any district in connection with every building, or building group or part thereof hereafter erected and having a gross floor area of 5,000 square feet or more, which is to be occupied by manufacturing or commercial uses, or distribution of material or merchandise by vehicles, there shall be provided and maintained, on the same zone lot with such building, off-street loading berths in accordance with the requirements of Table II herein.
      (1)    Size and location.  Each loading space shall be not less than ten feet in width, twenty-five feet in length, and fourteen feet in height, and may occupy all or any part of any required yard, except where located adjacent to any "R" District, where they shall be set back a minimum of six feet from any such property line.


15,000 or more
Hospitals (in addition to space for ambulances)
From 10,000- 30,000
For each additional 30,000 or major fraction thereof
1 additional
Undertakers and funeral homes
For each additional 5,000 or major fraction thereof
1 additional
Hotels and offices
From 10, 000 or more
Retail, commercial, wholesale, manufacturing storage and miscellaneous
From 10,000 -  25,000
From 25,000 -  40,000
From 40,000 - 60,000
From 60,000 -  100,000
For each additional 50,000 or major fraction thereof
1 additional
   (c)    Joint Facilities for Parking or Loading.  Off-street parking and loading facilities for separate uses may be provided jointly if the total number of spaces so provided is not less than the sum of the separate requirements for each use and provided that all regulations governing the location of accessory spaces in relation to the use served are adhered to. Further, no accessory space or portion thereof shall serve as a required space for more than one use unless otherwise approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals in accordance with the purposes and procedures set forth herein.
   (d)    Development and Maintenance of Parking and Loading Areas.  Every parcel of land hereafter used as a public or private parking area or loading area including a commercial parking lot shall be developed and maintained in accordance with the following requirements:
      (1)    Screening and landscaping.  Off-street parking areas for more than five vehicles and off-street loading areas shall be effectively screened on each side which adjoins or faces premises situated in any “R” District, or institutional premises, by a fence or hedge. Such fence or hedge shall be not less than four feet nor more than six feet in height, and shall be maintained in good condition without any advertising thereon. Any space between such fence or hedge and the side lot line adjoining premises, or the front lot line facing premises, in any "R" District shall be landscaped with grass, hardy shrubs or evergreen ground cover, and maintained in good condition.
      (2)    Minimum distances and setbacks.  No off-street parking or loading area or part thereof for more than five vehicles shall be closer than ten feet to any dwelling, school, hospital or other institution for human care located on an adjoining lot. If not in an "R" District but adjoining such district, the parking area shall not be located within five feet from the established street right-of-way line within fifty feet of any "R" District.
      (3)    Surfacing.  Any off-street parking or loading area shall be surfaced with an asphaltic or cement binder pavement or similar durable and dustless surface which shall be so graded and drained as to dispose of all surface water accumulated within the area, and shall be so arranged and marked as to provide for the orderly and safe loading, parking and storage of vehicles.
      (4)    Lighting.  Any lighting used to illuminate any off-street parking or loading areas shall be so arranged as to reflect the light away from the adjoining premises in any "R" District.
      (5)    Modification of requirements.  The Board of Zoning Appeals may authorize on appeal, a modification, reduction or waiver of the foregoing requirements, if it should find that in the particular case appealed the peculiar nature of the use, or the exceptional situation or condition shall justify such action.
   (e)    Service Stations and Parking Garages.
      (1)    Location of exits and entrances.  No gasoline filling station, parking garage for five or more motor vehicles, automobile repair shop, or any vehicular access thereto, shall be located within 200 feet of the following uses, if the property owned or dedicated to such uses is located along the same street and on the same block: 
         A.    Schools, playgrounds, churches, hospitals, public libraries and institutions for dependents or for children.
         B.    Vehicular access to the above automotive uses shall not be closer to the intersection of any two street right-of-way lines than twenty-five feet, nor shall any such access be located within twenty-five feet of any boundary line of any "R" District.
      (2)    Location of appliances or pits.  No gasoline filling station or parking garage shall be permitted where any gasoline or oil pump, or oil drainage pit or visible appliance for any such purpose is located within ten feet of any street right-of-way line, except where such appliance or pit is within a building.
         (Ord. 58(72-73). Passed 11-21-73.)