(a)    Bakeries.  Bakeries first permitted in any C-1 District shall be located no closer to an "R" District than fifty feet and goods produced on the premises shall be sold only at retail on the premises.
   (b)   Drive-In Eating and Drinking Places. Such businesses, where persons are served in automobiles shall be not closer than 200 feet to an "R" District.
   (c)    Retail Sales for Guests Only. Where such uses are permitted, the following shall apply:
      (1)    There shall be no external evidence of any gainful activity, however incidental,  nor any access to any space used for gainful activity, other  than from within the building.
      (2)    There shall be no harm to adjoining existing or potential residential development due to excessive traffic generation or noise or other circumstances.
   (d)    Retail Uses in Manufacturing District.  Such uses shall be permitted only where the applicant proves that such use is or will be necessary to serve manufacturing uses, and will not adversely affect the industrial development of adjoining land. Where such uses are permitted, the minimum lot size requirement shall be 10,000 square feet.
   (e)    Manufacturing Uses.  Manufacturing uses in any M-1 District shall, when abutting a residential use in an "R" District, be screened from such use in accordance with the provisions of Section 1149.02(f).
(Ord. 58(72-73). Passed 11-21-73.)