(a)    Motels, Motor Courts, Motor Hotels and Similar Uses.
      (1)    Such uses shall have a minimum area for each unit of occupancy of 150 square feet, and shall include a minimum of one bedroom and an enclosed bathroom which includes a shower or bathtub, lavatory and commode, and be equipped with hot and cold running water.
      (2)    Illuminated signs and other lights shall be directed away from or shielded from adjoining residential properties in such a way as not to disturb the occupants thereof.
   (b)    Nursery School, Day Care Center, and Nursing Home for More than Five Persons.  Such uses shall be situated on a zone lot of not less than 10,000 square feet, except where a greater area is otherwise required herein, and shall be screened in accordance with the provisions of Section 1149.02 (f). Such use shall also meet all other State and local requirements.
(Ord. 58(72-73). Passed 11-21-73.)