(a)   Designation of Zone Boundaries.  The zone boundary lines are intended to follow the right-of-way lines of streets, existing lot and property lines, and City corporation lines, all as shown on the Zoning District Map; but where a zone boundary line does not follow such a line, its position is shown on the Zoning District Map by a specific dimension expressing its distance in feet from a street line or other boundary line as indicated, or by reference to a contour line delineated on the United States Geological Survey Maps.
   (b)   Determination of Locations for Boundaries.  In the event of uncertainty as to the true location of a zone boundary line in a particular instance, any decision of the Zoning Official may be appealed before the Board of Zoning Appeals by any affected property owner.  It shall be the duty of the Board of Zoning Appeals to render its determination with respect thereto.
   (c)   Division of a Lot or Parcel in Single Ownership.  Where a zone boundary line divides a lot or parcel in single ownership at the time of the passage of the Zoning Ordinance, any use authorized or permitted in either zone may be extended a distance not to exceed fifty feet beyond the boundary of the zone in which such use is authorized or permitted.
(Ord. 58(72-73).  Passed 11-21-73.)