(a)   Preparation.  All ordinances for change of zoning classification shall be prepared by the Law Director.  However, no such ordinance shall be considered by City Council until first considered by the Planning Commission, until the Commission has made its recommendations to Council and Council has held a public hearing.
   (b)   Notices and Public Hearings.  Subsequent to City Council’s receipt of the Planning Commission’s recommendation on a petition for change of zoning classification, Council shall set a date for a public hearing on the proposed zone change at least fourteen days prior to such hearing.  Council shall not have any readings of zoning classification change ordinance until after the public hearing.  Notice of time, place and purpose of such hearing, shall be given at least fourteen days prior thereto, by the following methods:
      (1)   By at least two publications on consecutive days in one newspaper of general circulation in the City; and
      (2)   Written notice of the petition and the character of the proposed change shall be sent to the owners of record, at their addresses available in the Office of the County Auditor or Treasurer of Washington County, Ohio, of all property within the affected area and within 150 feet thereof.  Similar notice shall be sent to every association of residents or owners who shall have registered an association name for this purpose with the City, and to the official clerk or secretary of any other political subdivision that is within 150 feet of the affected area.
         (Ord. 14(96-97).  Passed 8-12-96.)