(a)   Form and Consent. Petition for change of zoning classification shall be on a form supplied and prepared by the Planning Commission. When the petition, bearing property owner’s signatures, is filed with the Commission, it shall contain or be accompanied by:
      (1)   All the data and information pertinent to the understanding and judgment of the proposal, as may be prescribed by the Commission for that purpose so as to assume the fullest practicable presentation of facts for the permanent record.
   (b)   Action of the Planning Commission. If the Commission finds that the change involved in the petition is justified as prepared or modified, the change shall be recommended to Council. Otherwise, the Commission may recommend to Council that the petition be denied. The Commission shall make its findings and determinations in writing and shall forthwith transmit a copy thereof to the petitioners, City Council, the Mayor, the Safety- Service Director and the Law Director.
   (c)   Fees. EDITOR’S NOTE: Former subsection (c) hereof was repealed by Ordinance 56(96-97). See Section 1137.05 .
(Ord. 14(96-97). Passed 8-12-96; Ord. 59(96-97). Passed 10-27-97.)