1121.04 PURPOSES.
   The Zoning Ordinance is deemed necessary to achieve the following purposes:
   (a)    Promote Orderly Development.  To protect the character and maintain the stability of residential, business and manufacturing areas within the City, and to promote the orderly and beneficial development of such areas and the City as a whole, in accordance with the Comprehensive Master Plan.
   (b)    Limit Street Congestion.  To limit congestion in the public streets and to protect the public safety and convenience by providing for off-street parking of motor vehicles, and for the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles.
   (c)    Protect Against Hazards.  To provide protection against fire, explosion, noxious fumes and other hazards in the interest of the public health, safety, comfort and the general welfare.
   (d)    Regulate Intensity of Use.  To regulate the intensity of use of zone lots, and to determine the area of open spaces surrounding buildings and structures which are necessary to provide adequate light and air circulation around buildings, privacy and convenience of access to property, and to avoid undue concentration of population.
   (e)    Provide Adequate Facilities. To facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, sanitary sewers, water supply, schools, parks and other public improvements. Establish Standards of Development. To fix reasonable standards to which buildings or structures shall conform.
   (g)    Prohibit Incompatible Uses.  To prohibit uses, buildings or structures which are incompatible with the character of development or the permitted uses within specified zoning districts.
   (h)    Regulate Alterations of Existing Buildings.  To prevent such additions to, and alterations or remodeling of, existing buildings or structures as would not comply with the restrictions and limitations imposed hereunder.
   (i)    Conserve Taxable Value of Land.  To conserve the taxable value of land and buildings by encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the City.
(Ord. 58(72-73). Passed 11-21-73.)