(A)   Floor space and ventilation.  In every home defined in § 117.150, each room occupied or to be occupied by inmates shall be of such dimensions as shall give each inmate not less than 400 cubic feet of air space. Every such room shall have at least one window connecting with the external air for each four beds. These windows shall be of such dimensions as shall secure to each inmate at least 1,500 cubic feet of fresh air per hour by ventilation, or in case the window shall not secure 1,500 cubic feet of fresh air per hour by natural ventilation, then each room shall in addition thereto, be fitted with such appliances for ventilation as shall secure to each inmate in his or her room at least 1,500 cubic feet of fresh air per hour. Each bed shall have at least 60 square feet of floor space, and in every room or dormitory containing more than one bed the beds shall be so arranged as to leave a passageway of not less than three feet horizontally on all sides of each bed.
   (B)   Health and sanitation.  Each ward or wing in the home, as defined in § 117.150, shall have running water furnished in one or more places, either in the ward or convenient thereto so that the same may be adequate and convenient to the occupants thereof. The plumbing, water closets, bathrooms and other sanitary appliances and equipment shall be constructed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 110, General Business Licensing and other village ordinances relating thereto. The floor of the cellar or basement in the building used as a home shall be properly cemented so as to be watertight.
   (C)   Halls and fire escapes.  The halls of each floor in a nursing home shall be open to the external air with suitable windows, and shall have no room or other obstruction at either end thereof, unless sufficient light and ventilation is otherwise provided for such halls, and the building as a whole shall be provided with adequate and proper fire escapes, stairways or inclines for exist.
   (D)   Screens.  All homes, including the culinary department, dining rooms, laundry, laboratory, morgue and post-mortem rooms connected with the same shall be equipped from May 15 to November 15 with doors, screens and other appliances necessary for the exclusion of flies.
(`95 Code, § 117.152)