(A)   Whenever the public works director or his designated representative has determined that graffiti exists on any public and private buildings, structures and places which are visible to any person utilizing any public right-of-way in this city, be this road, parkway, alley or otherwise, and that seasonal temperatures permit the painting of exterior surfaces, the public works director or his designated representative shall cause a notice to be issued to abate such nuisance. The owner of the real property upon which the object bearing the graffiti exists (respectively “owner” and the “premises”) shall have ten days after the date of the notice to remove the graffiti or the conditions will be subject to abatement by the city.
   (B)   The notice to abate graffiti shall be served upon the owner of the premises in the following manner:
      (1)   By personal service on the owner, occupant or person in charge or control of the premises; or
      (2)   By registered or certified mail addressed to the owner at the owner’s last-known address, provided, if such address is unknown, the notice will be sent to the owner at the address appearing on the last property tax assessment rolls of the county, if any, and at the address of the premises.
   (C)   The notice shall be substantially in the following form:
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that you are required by law at your expense to remove or paint over the graffiti located at the real estate commonly known as                               , Bellevue, Nebraska, which graffiti is visible to public view, within ten days after the date of this notice. If you fail to do so, city representatives will enter upon the property and abate the nuisance by removal or painting over the graffiti. The cost of the abatement by the city will be assessed upon your property and such costs will constitute a lien thereon, with interest, until paid.
All interested persons must submit any objections or comments in writing to the Public Works Director of the City of Bellevue within five days from the date of this notice or the city may proceed with the abatement of the graffiti inscribed at your expense without further notice.
(Ord. 2884, § 1, passed 4-8-1996)