(A)   Permit requirement. It shall be unlawful for any person to make any opening or excavation within the limits of any of the borough’s rights-of-way without first having made application to the Borough Office located at 244 West Penn Street, Bedford, PA, 15522. Such application shall state the location and approximate area of the proposed opening or excavation, shall stipulate the time when the work of making such opening or excavation shall be done, shall state any other information as may be required by the borough, and shall contain an agreement on the part of the applicant that the work will be done in full compliance with the ordinances of the borough and the laws and regulations of the state.
   (B)   General rule. Upon application duly made, in accordance with this subchapter, a permit will be issued by the borough, subject to this subchapter and the conditions contained on the permit and its attachments and supplements. The permit will be the applicant’s authority to proceed with the work.
   (C)   Scheduled work. Permits for scheduled work shall be applied for at least 30 working days prior to the actual date for start of construction.
   (D)   Emergency work. Emergency repairs involving the placing of facilities or opening of the surface within the right-of-way may be performed prior to obtaining a permit provided the following procedure is adhered to:
      (1)   The utility facility owner shall immediately notify the borough office, by telephone, when the necessity for any emergency repair occurs between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Emergency work occurring at other times shall be reported to the Borough Office on the following work day; and
      (2)   A permit shall be applied for, within three days of the date repairs began, to confirm and set forth, in detail, any work performed.
   (E)   Qualifications for permits. Permits will be issued only to the utility or entity that will own and operate the facility after its installation. Permits will not be issued to any person to install a facility or structure if the person will not own and operate the facility or structure after its installation. Permits will not be issued to contractors or subcontractors of the utility, nor to persons being serviced by the facility.
   (F)   Requesting permit time extension. A permit is valid for a six-month period or multiples thereof as specified on the permit. If the permittee has not completed all authorized work by the completion date specified on the permit, an application shall be submitted requesting a time extension on the permit. If approved, a supplement will be issued by the borough office.
   (G)   Work completion notification. The borough office shall be notified when all permitted work has been completed in order that an inspection can be made.
   (H)   Permit issuance fees. Issuance fees are used to defray costs incurred by the borough in reviewing and processing the application and plan(s), including the preliminary review of the site location identified in the application, and issuing and processing the permit. Fees are to be submitted with the application form in an amount established from time to time by resolution of the Borough Council.
(Prior Code, Ch. 21, Pt. 1, § 103) (Ord. 3-87, passed 8-3-1987; Ord. 2-2001, passed 7-2-2001) Penalty, see § 151.99