A.   In the construction of this code and all ordinances, the following rules of construction and definitions shall be observed unless inconsistent with the manifest intent of the town board of trustees or the context clearly requires otherwise:
    ADMINISTRATOR OR TOWN ADMINISTRATOR: The person appointed by the board of trustees as town administrator.
   AND, OR: "And" means "or", and "or" may be read "and" if the sense requires it.
   BOARD OF TRUSTEES: The governing body of the town, the town board of trustees.
   BOND: An obligation in writing, binding the signatory to pay a sum certain upon the happening or failure of an event.
   BUILDING: Any structure intended to have walls and a roof.
   BUILDING OFFICIAL: The person appointed by the town and designated as the town's building official.
   BUSINESS: Any profession, trade, occupation and any other commercial enterprise conducted for monetary reward.
   CLERK: The town clerk.
   COUNTY: Beaver County, Oklahoma.
   DEFINITIONS: Given within a chapter or article apply only to words or phrases used in such chapter or article unless otherwise provided.
   DESIGNEE: Following an official of the town, means the authorized agent, employee or representative of such official.
   GENDER: Words importing the masculine gender include the feminine and neuter as well as the masculine.
   HEALTH OFFICER: Administrator of the cooperative department of the county and the town.
   KEEPER: One in possession of or who has the care, custody or superintendence of a thing, place or business whether or not the owner or proprietor, and includes any person, firm, association, corporation, club and copartnership whether acting by themselves or by a servant, agent or employee.
   LAW: Applicable federal law and court decisions, court decisions and provisions of the constitution and statutes of the state and ordinances of the town, and, when appropriate, any and all rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.
   MAY: Is permissive and discretionary.
   MAYOR: The mayor of the town.
   MONTH: A calendar month.
   NUMBER: Words used in the singular include the plural and the plural includes the singular.
   OATH: Any form of attestation by which a person signifies that he is bound in conscience to perform an act or to speak faithfully and truthfully, and includes an affirmation or declaration in cases where by law an affirmation may be substituted for an oath.
   OCCUPANT: Tenant or person in actual possession.
   OPERATE: Carry on, keep, conduct, maintain, manage, direct or superintend.
   ORDINANCES: The ordinances of the town and all amendments and supplements thereto.
   OWNER: One who has complete dominion over particular property and who is the one in whom legal or equitable title rests; when applied to a building or land, "owner" means any part owner, joint owner, owner of a community or partnership interest, life tenant, tenant in common, or joint tenant, of the whole or part of such building or land.
   PERSON: Any individual, natural person, joint stock company, partnership, voluntary association, club, firm, company, corporation, business trust, organization, or any other bodies corporate or politic or group acting as a unit, or the manager, lessee, agent, servant, partner, member, director, officer or employee of any of them including an executor, clerk, trustee, receiver, or other representative appointed according to law.
   PERSONAL PROPERTY: Any money, goods, movable chattels, things in action, evidence of debt, all objects and rights which are capable of ownership, and every other species of property except real property.
   PRECEDING AND FOLLOWING: Next before and next after, respectively.
   PROPRIETOR: An owner of the property or premises, including any person, firm, association, corporation, club, partnership or other group acting as a unit, whether acting by themselves or by a servant, agent or employee.
   PUBLIC PLACE: Means and includes any public street, road or highway, alley, lane, sidewalk, crosswalk, or other public way, or any public resort, place of amusement, stadium, athletic field, park, playground, public building or grounds appurtenant thereto, school building or school grounds, public parking lot or any vacant lot, the elevator, lobby, halls, corridors and areas open to the public of any store, office, or apartment building, or any other place commonly open to the public.
   REAL PROPERTY: Land together with all things attached to the land so as to become a part thereof.
   SHALL: Is mandatory.
   SIDEWALK: That portion of a street between the curb line and the adjacent property along the margin of a street or other highway, designed, constructed and intended for the use of pedestrians to the exclusion of vehicles.
   SIGNATURE AND SUBSCRIPTION: The name of a person, mark or symbol appended by him to a writing with intent to authenticate the instrument as one made or put into effect by him.
   STATE: The state of Oklahoma.
   STATUTES: The Oklahoma Statutes as they are now or as they may be amended to be.
   STREET: All streets, highways, avenues, boulevards, parkways, roads, lanes, viaducts, bridges and the approaches thereto, docks built on the public street, alleys, courts, places, squares, curbs, sidewalks, recreation and park lands used for vehicular traffic, or other public ways or thoroughfares in this town, over which it has jurisdiction, which have been or may hereafter be dedicated and open to public use, or such other public property so designated in any law of this state.
   TENANT: Any person occupying the premises, building or land of another in subordination to such other person's title and with his express or implied assent, whether he occupies the whole or a part of those premises, building or land, whether alone or with others.
   TENSE: Words used in the past or present tense include the future, past and present where applicable unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
   TIME: The hour of the day according to the official time of the day.
   TIME OF PERFORMANCE: The time within which an act is to be done as provided in any section or any order issued pursuant to any section, when expressed in days, and is computed by excluding the first and including the last day. If the last day is a Sunday or legal holiday, that day shall not be counted in the computation. When the time is expressed in hours, the whole of Sunday or a legal holiday from twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight to twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight is excluded.
   TOWN: The town of Beaver, in the county of Beaver and state of Oklahoma.
   TOWN LIMITS: Within the town and includes not only the corporate limits of the town but also any property which it owns or which is under its jurisdiction.
   TREASURER: The town treasurer.
   WATERCOURSE: Any drain, ditch and stream, flowing in a definite direction or course in a bed with banks.
   WEEK: Seven (7) days.
   WRITING AND WRITTEN: Any representation of words, letters or figures, whether by printing or otherwise, capable of comprehension by ordinary visual means.
   YEAR: A calendar year.
   B.   Words and phrases are construed according to the common and approved usage of the language, but technical words and phrases and others that have acquired a peculiar and appropriate meaning in the law are construed and understood according to such meaning. (1998 Code)