A.   Payment; Provide Copy Of State License: Any State licensee or interim licensee listed in appendix 1 of this Code that has a principal place of business in Beaver, Oklahoma, shall pay the tax therefor at the Office of the Town Clerk on or before the date upon which he enters upon such occupation. Said licensee or interim licensee shall provide a copy of his current State license or interim license before payment of an Occupation Tax will be accepted.
   B.   Term: The tax levied under this chapter shall be for one year from July 1 through the next June 30, and upon which later date the licensee's State license expires. There shall be no proration of the tax if for less than one year. The fee may also be established by resolution.
   C.   Violation: Any person who engages in any of the occupations taxed by this chapter without paying said Occupation Tax imposed therefor, or without paying said Occupation Tax imposed therefor in advance of such operation, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction, shall be punished by a maximum fine of one hundred seventy dollars ($170.00) plus costs, fees and State assessments. (Ord. 2018-2, 9-13-2018, eff. 10-1-2018)